Sometimes luck comes in a phone ring. And in those times luck shows itself as larger than it seems.  I’m a fashion photographer, I make artistic work in my free time, and one and other big-shot guy sees me as a promising artist. I always had the self confidence and conviction that a great future awaits me. What I could never imagine is that the test of nerves would arrive sooner than expected. I was making a catalogue for a famous brand, as so many I have done, until the phone rang. It was an anonymous number. But I answered it.

    -Yeah, that’s me.
    -Hi, my name is Patricia. I have a photo shoot for you.  It’s kind of urgent, and we’ll pay you well.
    -Ok, we can talk. This photo shoot is from whom?
    -I can’t give you details. If you’re interested, I’ll email you the address and time. Thanks!

She hung up. I thought it was a prank call. She didn’t even ask for my email address! It could only be a prank from some friend.  I checked my emails immediately, in the cell phone. I wrote down the address and in the following day, just for curiosity, I went there. It was located inside a modern and sumptuous business building. I went to the floor mentioned. For my surprise, it was the head office of one of the most renowned fashion magazines in the world. I was scared. Then I went mad, I thought that my friends had gone too far with their jokes.  The receptionist, a truly beautiful lady, approached. Almost certain that that was a joke, I didn’t know what to say.

    -Sir? May I help you?
    -It’s just that I got a call, but I think it was a mistake. I’m a photographer.
    -You’re late. Follow me please.

That seemed a dream. I thought I would be an assistant, which I’d refuse, because as influential as a means of communication could be I was not wiling to debase myself. I walked in the room, and there was the editor-chief.

    -Hi, nice meeting you.
    -You’re quite handsome. It is so hard to find a good looking photographer! You could be in front of those lens.
    -I’m flattered, you’re very kind, ma’am.
    -Not ma’am! Please!
    -I apologize.
    – Ok, let’s go straight to the point. We’re making a photo shoot for the next month’s edition and I don’t know if you know about the accident involving our team in Caribbean. We sent over 100 professionals to make this historical shooting with 10 of the best photographers worldwide and 100 models from all continents, until that damned hurricane destroyed the entire infrastructure there, now they’re really confined. They’re alright, but the chaos will last a few more days, and I need those photos for yesterday. This afternoon I have two simple photo shoots scheduled, in a studio, with two of the models nowadays: Gigi Larson and Ivana Garcia. And before you ask: no, after the accident we have no team available, they’re all there. All we have here is the make-up artist, and she will have to move to another shooting quickly. I hope you can understand our situation, and we promise you a new shooting with the infrastructure we always provide. Do you take it?
    -Yes, I replied stammering.
    -Great. Then we have it all settled, the studio is ready. Talk quickly to the financial department about your fees. After that they’ll take you to the studio.

We set up the details very quickly. Afterwards, they took me to the studio, which was uninhabited. By schedule, I would have a photo session with Ivana, and later on with Gigi. Ivana was a Latin woman, Gigi was Danish.  One was brunette, had green eyes, long black hair. Gigi was blue-eyed blonde. Both were tall, and Gigi had huger boobies. For modeling types, which are usually skinny, those girls were quite hot.

They didn’t like each other. I heard Gigi had slept with Ivana’s ex-boyfriend, and since then it was a better idea not to invite both of them for the same party, or even for the same job. They were opponents also in their careers. They were always disputing fees, fashion shows, events, TV commercials, photo shootings, catalogues, rankings, and everything. They really hated each other, and were always competing. That was making me worried. All I wanted was to avoid them running into each other.

When Ivana arrived I almost had a heart attack. I found her beautiful already in TV, but personally she was even prettier. I started make up, dresses and her photos, and she complained a lot for the lack of staff. The contact we had as quite distant, she nearly didn’t even speak to me. She was probably asking who the hack was that Jonh Doe taking her pictures without any support. Her skin was dark, her eyes were green, her lips were meaty. What a show! She was wearing lingerie, and I was standing just a few feet away. I have to say it was helpless, my cock went hard, and I think that she noticed the volume in my pants. That was a huge problem, I tried to focus my thinking somewhere else other than her. I always thought that being horny at work, although inevitable, was not something very professional. And now I was in the middle of an erection with one of the most desired women in the world right next to me.

Ivana’s shooting was brief. She said her standard goodbye and left in a hurry. And she forgot her purse. Of course I had a sudden urge to see what was in there! But I had to get a grip, if anyone saw that I could kiss goodbye to my career. A few minutes later Gigi Larson arrived. Judging for that unpleasant look, she probably met Ivana on the way. She arrived looking suspicious, which did not surprise me. Since they were used to the best photographers around, I expected them to feel even offended when seeing me, such an unknown photographer.

Gigi got her make up on, put the clothes on as well, and walked in the studio. She made fantastic posings, she glanced me with a mystery look, containing something that I could not identify.

– It’s hot, David. Could you heat down the air conditioning?, she asked.

I turned the heat down. I kept photographing. She was wearing a mini skirt, neckline shirt, amazing thighs. Without her suspecting it, I fixed the lens in her skirt, hoping to see something more. She begun to talk to me.

    – You know, I’m tired of this life. I can’t do anything, no freedom; I have to keep fulfilling the desires of agents, photographers, advertisers. People pamper me too much, even photographers, and by the way they’re all gay. I have no life and I don’t like it. When you become a player in this businesses, I hope you’re different. I hope you see all models as human beings.
    -But I never saw anyone any different, I said.
    -That’s a surprise. I think I even heard someone mentioning your name, David, but then I got here, and you’re focused only in your work. I like it, you don’t seem so impressed by me.

Oh, if she knew how impressed I was inside my pants!

Gigi noticed a purse in there.

    -Whose purse is this? The make up girl?
    -Oh no. Actually, it belongs to a friend of mine, she forgot it in my car.
    -Friend, han? I bet it’s a girl of yours…
    -Oh yeah, yeah. I replied, to disguise it.
    All I didn’t want was for her to suspect that that belonged to Ivana Garcia. And she went on talking:
    -Oh, it’s so hot in here. I’m starting to sweat.

She opened her legs, I was able to see inside the skirt. She was wearing no underwear, showing a small pussy as pretty as the rest of her body. I thought it couldn’t be real, I could only be dreaming. It was not possible that that was a simple lapse.

    -David, why did you stop taking the pictures?
    -I…I… and I went back to shooting.
    She took off the top, wearing no bra. I went mad!
    – Come over here, David. Tell me, in which position would you like to shoot me? This celebrity life is so boring! How can I release myself?

I took off her skirt, and now she was all naked. I faced that as a joke, and got scared that anyone would show up. I started taking pictures of her from all angles. She had a spark in her eyes, biting her lips, sucking her fingers, and she placed those fingers to her clit, rubbing herself, and playing with herself.

She was naked, and she stood up.

    -Go over there, in front of the camera.

Crazy as I was, I obeyed. She asked me to take my clothes off, piece by piece. I did it. I took it all off, showing my cock totally hard. She knew about professional cameras! She put the camera in the auto mode and came to me.  She placed her soft hands in my cock while she gently started the most provoking jerking off I ever got. After that, she started licking the head of my cock very gently. And finally she gave me the best blowjob ever! I could only be dreaming! My hard cock was inside Gigi Larson’s warm mouth! Not even a dream could be that good! I suspect I died and heaven was that nice… Gigi’s blowjob was so well done that I ended up telling her that.

Suddenly, a voice echoed:

    – What?
    I panicked. It was Ivana, who sneaked into the studio to get her purse back. I frizzed. And so did Gigi.
    -So this is your secret to be the photographer’s chosen one? Good to know! You think I can’t do that too?
    -You think you’re better in everything you do, don’t you, Ivana? – Gigi replied. – So prove it. Come here and do better.
    Ivana had her eyes red. And my cock was still hard. I thought Ivana was going to expose us and end my promising career. But that’s not exactly what happened.
    – Ok Gigi. I take your challenge. David, look at us, and tell us who’s more sexy. Take pictures if you’d like, and them we can see it closely.
    I just stood there watching. Ivana took her clothes off. If there is perfection in this world, it was standing before me. Two amazing girls, nice boobies and shaved tiny pussies. They started kissing and rubbing, their nipples rubbing against each other, their thighs sliding on one another. Their kissing became more interesting, Ivana started licking Gigi’s breasts, and then went on her enemy’s pussy. Gigi was all wet, getting Ivana’s face and mouth wet as well.
    – So you don’t hate me that much, do you, Gigi?

Gigi couldn’t answer. She was moaning of desire. Ivana asked me to open her purse and take a vibrator! It could not be any better! I gave her the dildo and she gave that to Gigi quickly. Gigi screamed. After that, Ivana went back to sucking her pussy.

While she was sucking Gigi, laying on the floor, Ivana went dog-positioned, without stopping, and invited me:

    -Will you come?
    No need to think twice. I started fucking her, no condom, no ceremony. I was inside the two most wanted women in this world! And it sledded so well, so wet, so hot!
    -I want it too! – Gigi screamed.
    Ivana took her mouth off Gigi.
    – Go, David, she’s an expert in wishing for the same dicks I want. That’s what pleases this bitch.
    My cock was all wet thanks to Ivana’s pussy, and Gigi was so wet, so I went in even more easily.
    – But I don’t want to just staring at it, Ivana said, placing her pussy in front of Gigi’s face while I fucked her. – I want to know what those guys feel with you!, she went on.

That was making me so horny. And they looked like enjoying it as well. Gigi moved her body and still tried to stay still, sucking Ivana, who was screaming and cursing. Both came in the same time, Gigi feeling my cock and Ivana feeling Gigi’s tongue.

    I was the only one who bravely did not cum. Gigi’s face was all wet from Ivana’s desire, but I wanted my juice to be on those pretty faces. I took my cock out of her pussy. By stooding up, I didn’t have to say a word.
    Both came to me and swelled my cock, as if they were hungry for it. Each one licked one ball, and later they kept rubbing their tongues all over my dick. That was a wonder. I looked down and saw their faces behind my hard member! It felt so good! I could no longer resist: I got the faces of two of the most desired girls cummed, something every men would like to do. Ivana and Gigi Larson seemed finally reconciled, and doing something special together.
    Top models with their faces covered with cum. A pic I saved, but that you’ll never see in the cover of Elle magazine.

    English Version by Michele Santiago- contact:


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Best friends

It was party time. Natty, Suzy, Amanda and me, Jane, decided to go to one of the toppest night clubs in town.

It was quite good, I should say, but there´s something missing to the scene: men. I had never seen a night club with so few of them around. I don´t wanna say there´re just women in the place really. There were men there actually, and some of them were really appealing. But they had already someone else with them. The few ones who were alone, were not sexy at all, just regular guys, not really exciting studs.

I got the impression of that place that there were 4 girls to each man. Of course, just that wouldn´t really spoil our fun. We just felt like dancing, drinking and celebrating the beginning or our school holidays. It had been quite a difficult year at the university, and we had just finished our last test of that term some hours earlier. That was just the right moment to let out and exorcise all kinds of monsters, devils, and ghosts (also known as ex-boyfriends).

That year which was almost ending had been full and intense to all of us. I had fought with my dad and decided to leave home. Suzy, the last virgin of the group, had lost it with a nasty teacher who said he loved her, but deserted her after all. Amanda believed she was pregnant. Natty had an affair with a married guy. Of course, this relationship just didn´t go on. That night was one of those rare moments where we found ourselves completely alone and free.

We used to call ourselves The Fantastic Four. That year just about to finish had been the one the bad guys beat us, the heroines. As for ´bad guys`, you should get ´men` really. Needless to say, we wanted them. We did think they were cute and we just couldn´t live without that long and amusing thing it´s hung between their legs. Yet they had caused us such great pain!

We were really close friends. No secrets among us. Without any ceremony and we got on well completely. ´Sex and The City` characters would look quite superficial compared to our friendship. The thing was that we´re really close. When any of us was going out with someone else, we´d share all the secrets from this new mate, like the size of the penis, sexual performance and any other details. I should confess that many time I wanted to have something with some of these guys. When Suzy told me her first night with the teacher, I got hot for him. When Amanda told me how funny it had been to make that psychological baby, I got hot for that ´daddy`. I also got hot for another ´daddy`, Natty´s married man, who she said had such a large cock. Is it wrong to get hot for our friend´s partners? I knew the girls felt just the same. When one of us would leave our meetings, the others kept on speculating on how cool it´d be to try these partners out, of course always taking into consideration what had just been said. When we met to talk about sex matters, we used to give nasty descriptions and got all excited. The four of us would leave our meetings completely hot, ready to have something intense with our lovers and boyfriends.

The end of that year was quite unusual. Suffering had been on all year over. We were all quite deceived. We all reached December abandoned by our partners, we just had each other left. I only had sex six months earlier. Amanda and Natty two, and Suzy three.

Well, back to he party, we were all happy to get rid of another year at university. We were all for tequilas, got boozed really and full of hope for finding a lonely guy at that place. There was one really! I was happily dancing when Amanda nudged me and pointed him out. He was foxy, brown, muscled, perfect. He seemed to be alone once he was surrounded by many people, men and women. He was kind of an oasis in the middle of the desert. I could see the other girls were watching him. If I was not fast enough, I would miss my chance. The point is that Amanda said it before:

    – I´m going there to have some chat with him.

    – Take it easy! – I shouted at her as the noise of that techno music was so loud – I´ve also got some interested in him!

    – I saw him first though. – She replied.

Before I could even answer, Natty turned up already boozed.

    What are you guys talking about?

– That guy over there! – I replied.

Natty looked at him, wide open eyes, and completely speechless went towards him. We tried unsuccessfully to hold her back. She got entwined with him, and told him something. I pulled her back from him, he just didn´t get a thing. She started shouting out something which I couldn´t really get due to the high volume of the music. Suzy, who was at the counter for some more drinks, saw it all from the distance and came to know what was going on. Just as she saw the guy, she said:

    – Ok! I got it all.

    The guy, however, went away to the other side of the place. We started arguing, acting like crazy ones, we had actually scared him off – it was our conclusion at the end. We apologized one to each other and went back to the dance floor. I just couldn´t help thinking about him, my eyes searched for him in the middle of the dancing crowd. I noticed the girls were just doing the same.

No one was courageous enough to go to him again, not to spoil again the whole thing. It was just then when Amanda said:

– Everyone has just eyes for the same guy in this bloody place!

It all looked kind of unconnected to anything, even obvious, I should say. Later on, Amanda whispered something to Suzy. They both laughed. Then they asked Natty and I to stay closer. They had a master plan to save our night. Suzy had already agreed. Natty and I resisted a bit, but gave in eventually. I´m not going to tell you, reader. what it implies. You´re all gonna get to your own conclusion soon.

After having it all planed we went towards the guy. We all asked him lots of questions. We found out his name was Daniel, he was a journalist, lived in town, was feeling bad after breaking up with his girlfriend, hated her in fact. We chatted for a long while, till Natty started dancing next to him, swinging. I didn´t want to miss the point and decided to come right from his back, dancing next to his body. It all looked like a sandwich-like performance and he seemed to be having fun with it all. Suzy and Amanda closed the circle. So he was being rubbed by four girls. Suzy brought him a glass of whisky. Then another one, and another, and another.

All of a sudden, something happened to him. I guessed what it was really. Apart from being drunk, he just couldn´t believe his eyes, it all seemed too good to be true. It could be some kind of trap, so he wanted to leave. I told him he was too drunk to go home alone; we would give him a ride. He didn´t want it, but I insisted. He finally said yes. His friends were all in the middle of the crowd. They wouldn´t even notice his leaving.

Inside the car, Natty was at the wheel and I was at the co-pilot seat. In the back seat, Daniel slept between Suzy and Amanda, who were deceived by that. He surely wanted to go home. Suzy decided to go for some test. She held his dick off his trousers.

    – Gosh! How big! – She said.

    – Amanda touched it too.

    – Wow! Really big!

    I just couldn´t help, I was really curious too, and then I stretched my arm out and felt it with my hand. It was really big! It was still soft. Natty was the only one who couldn´t feel it once she was driving.

    Not even with all these hands on him Daniel woke up. We went to a drugstore first, and then straight away to a motel. As soon as we got there, we took the biggest suite, one designed for groups and private parties. We parked just right in front of our room. Then we carried Daniel to the bed. It was hilarious!

    He kept sleeping. We took all his clothes off. He really had quite an amazing dick. We took our belts off just to tie him to the bed. Everything was alright! Our plan was just on the track. Suzy threw some cold water just right at his face, he woke up. Put a pill in his mouth, she told him it was to prevent hangover. It was Viagra in fact.

Daniel started asking lots of questions. He asked what was going on, why he was there. Suzy shut his up mouth with her hands and said:

    – We kidnapped you. Your´re tied you to this bed here. Have you got any clue of what we´re just about to do?

    His eyes were wide opened. He was completely scared. Didn´t say a thing.

    – We´re gonna rape you! – Suzy just went on, totally excited.

He was even more scared. He tried to get his arms free, to move himself, to release himself, unsuccessfully. Perhaps due to his fear of having on of his kidney sold or something just like that he struggled and this had some effect of letting his dick soft.

I decided to provoke him, without touching him. I caressed Amanda´s boobs over her clothes, staring at Daniel with a nasty look. I kissed her. I took her blouse and her bra off. I sucked her tits. The most amazing thing was that it was the first time I was doing that and the other girls weren´t scared or something. They had never done such a thing before as well. Amanda´s boobs were warm and soft. I just loved them. I got excited. I took all her clothes off, she was caressing my boobs too. I was really concentrated with the feeling of her soft and tender tits. I could then realize that Suzy and Natty were doing just the same stuff and I was the only person in that room who wasn´t completely naked.

I soon took my trousers and knickers off and then got my fingers into Amanda´s pussy. It was warm and wet. I called Suzy and Natty over. I touched Natty. Then we were all four in a circle each one masturbating each other, in a way that all of us had two different hands inside ourselves. It drove Daniel mad, his dick was really hard and his fear faded away.

It was such a great confusion, with all those four pair of boobs rubbing each other, and those soft and feminine bodies in complete harmony. It was really great fun. I was getting the chance to know things I actually had: big breast, muscled and soft thighs, pussy…. What a felling!

I got all excited. I laid over Daniel´s shin. I asked Natty to put her pussy next to my face. Suzy started rubbing her little pussy on my boobs and Amanda was rubbing hers on my right thigh. We were all first timers and at this way it was so bloody exciting! I decided to use my mouth to do something into Natty´s pussy I always wanted to have it done on mine. Daniel shouted out, he wanted to feel us.

    – Stop shouting! This is your torture. You must only watch us.

It drove him mad. We were all wet with this honey coming out of our pussies; it was all over our thighs, boobs, hands, mouths. We whispered among us. Then we queued up on the right side of the bed. Daniel asked:

– Why the fuck are you filing?

No one said a thing. We decided to be on the move really. I sat into his dick, I had all my pussy into, then I left quickly to the left side while Natty came after me and did just the same movement, Amanda and Suzy followed suit. I walked along the bed and was back to the end of the queue, repeating it all again. We kept on repeating that for a long while. It was pretty exciting. Each time I slided into him I could feel it wetter than the previous time, all of this due to our honey which was held on his cock each time we sat. He was out of his mind, he said he would come.

    – Not yet, darling! – Suzy said.

Suzy released Daniel´s hands, he tried to hold her. She slapped slightly his face.

– How dare you! We are in a greater number here and you´re still a prisoner. She sat in his dick, riding it selfishly, getting all the attention around her. Natty made her point putting her pussy into his mouth, standing just right in front of Suzy.

I decided to play the game as well and put his hand inside my pussy. He was doing it with his finger gratefully. Amanda got inspired to do the same with her left hand. It was just when I realized how good Daniel was. He was able to satisfy four girls at the same time and we were all moaning intensively.

The fact that it was done with my three best friends let it all more exciting. It was all divine, something just great friends could really share as an eternal secret. We, who had always shared our secrets and been spending months without any sex, now we had it in great style, having it with the penis, fingers and tongue of such an amazing guy. How cool it was to share something so unforgettable with my special friends!

We all came at the same time. Amanda and I on his fingers, Natty in the mouth and Suzy in the dick. Daniel didn´t come yet. We decided to please him due to his great performance. We stayed all behind his dick. From his view he could see his dick and all of us behind it. We jerked it off till he came. His cum spread all over us, it looked like whipped cream on us. There´s nothing more special than some good desert after such terrific main course so delightfully shared with my best friends.

Art from

English version by Jamile Weber ( )

Special thanks to Inda!

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Quote of the day

It’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we’re all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. It’s like a kind of poetry.


Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Mister

The art of Karin Schwarz

Mattel threatened to sue her because she used Barbie Dolls to make that digigravures, but they didn’t do it. Good to the freedom of speech and expression.

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4th Quote of the day

A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she’s a tramp.

Joan Rivers
US comedienne (1935 – )

3rd Quote of the day

Does it really matter what these affectionate people do– so long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses!

Mrs. Patrick Campbell